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Have a pleasant stay and sleep well.

If you stay at a HOLMSTOCK.COM location, you will stay in a cabin or small cottage.
We buy existing locations with lot's of character and renovate them to our standards or we
buy a piece of land and build a new location. When building a new location, we will be building
top-quality loghouses made by Honka from Finland. Fitted with a fireplace and a private sauna

these loghouses will be very comfortable.

In Sweden the 'fritidhus' (house for your spare time) is also called a 'smultronställe' (which is hard to translate, but which
means: a place that is very special to me, where I can enjoy my stay and where I can find my peace).

What can you expect ?!
  • First of all, a well selected location that will have the full swedish atmoshpere.

  • We use IKEA furniture and beds. Swedish quality that will make shure that you will have a comfy stay.

  • Each location will have 4 beds, so you can come for the week with a max. of 4 persons. Per week you will pay in total    
    € 333,-. The number of persons has no influence on this price. You are welcome with 1, 2, 3 or 4 persons.

  • A  full functional kitchen

  • Bathroom with shower and toilet

  • A wood stove or fireplace.

  • Your own, private, parking space.

  • Private sauna


Do you know Pippi Långstrump? Astrid Lindgren's story of a
strong little girl?

Catch up with some old

Be close to Stockholm and enjoy the miracles of this wonderful city.

Skärgården's coastline and islands
will put a spell on you!

Get cosy in our fritidhus and create memories you will never forget!

Time to spend with eachother...


Our Address

Sweden office: Kadel Skandinavien AB

Svärdvägen 21, S-1833 Danderyd
The Netherlands office: Kadel vof
Eurode-Park 1-11, NL-6461KB Kerkrade

Contact Us

TEL: +31-(0)6 53 443 995  

E-MAIL: info@holmstock.com

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Malarpaviljongen in Stockholm, enjoy the good life!