A list of Stockholm musea from A to B

The city of Stockholm (Sweden) has a choice of very good quality musea. Some of which are quite unique, some of which are listed to be 'one of the best worldwide'. The Vasa Museum for example should be on your 'bucket-list', at least that is our opinion. Sweden has much to offer, the musea of the city of Stockholm are listed here below:

The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design

Design museum

  • Founded in 1962 as the privately owned Museum of architecture, The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design was nationalised in 1978. Located in Stockholm on the Skeppsholmen island it offers you a wide range of information on design, architecture and urban planning.

    The short name is ArtDes. It is housed in two buildings. The Navy's old drill hall, the Exercishuset, and a new building which was designed by the Spanish architect Rafael Moneo.










Art museum

This, 'the national museum of fine arts' is the national museum of Sweden. It is located on the peninsula of Blasieholmen. Founded in 1792 under the name of 'kungliga museet' and moved in 1866 to it's present location, this impressive museum houses an amazing art collection.


There is a prominent Rembrand expo. 

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