The mission of HOLMSTOCK.COM is to offer luxury cabins & cottages in Sweden. Selection of location and surrounding is done by high standards. We use our extensive experience of the nothern region and make shure that our visitors will not only find a very pleasant place to stay, we also make shure that our luxury cabins & cottages are in the neighbourhood of the most interesting places to visit.

All this combined with a friendly price setting to make shure that HOLMSTOCK.COM offers a very attractive ratio of value-for-money.


Traditional swedish cottage at the sea shore.


Stockholm gamla stan, the old city and the old harbour with the royal castle.


Stockholm Sweden, Skeppsholmen bridge.

Stockholm gamla stan
Stockholm gamla stan

Enjoy the cosy old Stockholm city at any time of day.

Stockholm Sweden by kayak
Stockholm Sweden by kayak

See the city from a different perspective. Visit Stockholm by kayak.

Stockholm Sweden by boat
Stockholm Sweden by boat

Enjoy a relaxing boattrip in and around Stockholm and see the Skärgården.


Patrick Kadel, the owner and founder of HOLMSTOCK.COM is developing businesses in The Netherlands, in Germany and in Sweden. With offices in Kerkrade (The Netherlands), Herzogenrath (Germany) and Danderyd / Stockholm (Sweden) his activities spread over Europe and Scandinavia, having business relationships all over the world.

Being so very busy, Patrick Kadel and his wife Linda find their piece in Scandinavia. Loving it's impressive nature, it's wildlife, it's culture. Never forgetting the many 'goodies' the great scandinavian cities - like Stockholm -  have to offer.

Offering you a beautiful place to stay, close to Stockholm, HOLMSTOCK.COM offers you the opportunity to visit the city of Stockholm as well as it's magnificant Sk
ärgården region. You will enjoy the beautiful gamla stan (the old part of the city), maybe taste a 'viking dinner' or go shopping to get a taste of  swedish design. Combine this with the tranquility of Skärgården islands, or visit your closest neighbour: nature.


See the 'STOCKHOLM_tips' page for more suggestions.


Visiting Sweden will make you a different person. A better one, maybe.
Taking it all in and appreciating it is, of course, up to you.


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