* 3 weeks at your disposal. You will have 5 years to use them.
One week per year or, if you prefer, three weeks at once.
Use two weeks for yourself and offer one to your best friend.

You will receive
3 separate vouchers to use as you please.


--  visit Sweden your way  -- 


Visit Sweden! Enjoy the lively city of Stockholm & experience the serene tranquility of the
surrounding nature? The HOLMSTOCK.COM concept let's you enjoy both for a uniquely low price.


HOLMSTOCK.COM owns it's own, well chosen, locations. We want to expand and
for that reason we are offering you a special discount on our bookings.
HOLMSTOCK.COM offers a small number of privately owned luxury cabins and cottages in Sweden.

You will be able to visit with a maximum of 4 persons.

We offer you 1 set of 3 vouchers for the price of € 999,-.
Each voucher gives you the right to use our location for one week.
So in total you will own the right to visit for 3 weeks with max. 4 persons,
each week will cost you only € 333,-.


Mind you:

For this special offer we only have 75 voucher-sets available !


order now!

The normal price for one week in our luxury cabins and cottages is € 999,-.
So when using this special offer you will
actually triple the value of your money.



About the use of the voucher:
#You can book your stay using the voucher.
#Each voucher can be used once within the given period of 5 years.
#We wil open the online booking-system in february of 2016.
#First visitors will visit July 2016.



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 3 weeks* Sweden + Stockholm for € 999,- 

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 Your stay in Sweden can be all about Stockholm. The city, it's restaurants, the musea, the people and the many wonderfull buidlings. 

 Find some quiet and peace and enjoy the parks of Stockholm city or take a trip into nature! 


Our Address

Sweden office: Kadel Skandinavien AB

Svärdvägen 21, S-1833 Danderyd
The Netherlands office: Kadel vof
Eurode-Park 1-11, NL-6461KB Kerkrade

Contact Us

TEL: +31-(0)6 53 443 995  

E-MAIL: info@holmstock.com

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Stockholm city

Summer view of Stockholm city.